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Custom Monument Styles



Once these questions are answered we will produce a 3D view or a front view rendering of the memorial for approval. At that time you can either accept it or make changes until you see what you had envisioned.


Custom Work


Before we can provide you with an accurate quote, there are four

main decisions that need to be made:


1.   What type of Granite Memorial?

  • Flush grass marker, upright, bench, slant?

  • Check the requirements of the cemetery.


2.   What size of Granite Memorial? 

  • Are there cemetery requirements regarding length, width or height?

  • Are you looking for a monument for one person or multiple names?

  • Will this memorial cover just one grave or more than one grave?


3.   What color of Granite Memorial?

  • We offer only the highest quality memorial grade granite from around the world.

  • We have more colors available upon request, and can get almost any color available.


4.   What kind of design or engraving details do you want to include?     

  • The name dates, text, and artistic elements that make the memorial unique.



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